The Sound Bar

The Sound Bar is a podcast under the network of News of the Galaxy. It is hosted by Connor Daniels. Most episode of The Sound Bar will be interviews, special Star Wars advent coverage, funny audio stuff, and more audio stuff. If you what more special content then check out our YouTube page here: Since The Sound Bar is like a collection of special episodes there will be no pattern for release of each episode but every time one is posted I will let you know on twitter and it will show up on your app for podcast in the News of the Galaxy network. Enjoy.

This is the second episode of The Sound Bar. It is all about Rouge One. This was all recorded on a small portable microphone. The first part of it is the opening night of Rouge One where I when with a friend (Toby) and his dad, my dad, and some friends of my dads and one friend of my dads that looked like Gareth Edwards. The second part is me and four other friends going to Rouge One the next day. Warning, this episode has some more PG-13 language in it. This episode was recorded on 12/15/16 and 12/16/16.

This is the first episode of The Sound Bar. In this episode Connor interviews Jonathan Wilkins the editor of the wonderful magazine Star Wars Insider. Sorry about audio quality in this  episode, I did not have my mic yet. In this episode we talk about what Jonathan Wilkins wanted to be as a kid, how he liked The Force Awakens, if he got to see the movie early, and their exclusives at Star Wars celebration next year. This Episode was record sometime around 2/2/16.