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Episode 4: C-(MP)3PO

Episode 4: C-(MP)3PO

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On this episode of News of the Galaxy Connor and Nick invite on there first guest, Bryan! With Bryan we joke about Connor’s force Friday, do Harrison Ford impressions, Connor forgets the drinking age, and Nick takes one for the team. All that and more in this episode of News of the Galaxy. Plus we have a give away on this episode of an awesome Rogue One poster, all you have to do is email us and tell us what a fun Star Wars title for a upcoming episode of this podcast!

This episode was recorded on 10/8/16.

Show Notes:
  • Our Guest: Bryan Walthall
  • Starting Question:
    • What would a title of a standalone movie be for any now legends character?
  • Toy Report:
  • The Asteroid Field:
    • How much is too much? When will there be oversaturation in Star Wars movies, comics, books, and TV? Will the clone wars and rebels series eventually make all legends stuff real?