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Episode 7: Looking For Love In Alderaan Places

Episode 7: Looking For Love In Alderaan Places

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One this crazy episode of News of the Galaxy we talk all things Rouge One. We go over all the good things and bad plus our favorite characters and parts. In this short but still cool episode Connor, Nick, and friend of the show Jody talk about all the places you can follow us, Darth Vader being a badass, Connor talks about his take on a Chewbacca standalone movie, Nick gets picked on for not seeing Rebels, and Jody gives us some info on getting the girls. All that and more on this Rouge One full podcast of the only podcast to forget its own tag line, News of the Galaxy. This episode is dedicated to Carrie Fisher.

This episode was recorded on 1/5/17.

Show Notes:
  • Our Guest: Jody Plank @TheTrooperVault
  • Starting Question:
    • What could be another name for Star Wars apologist?
  • News: We talk about Rogue One.
  • Princess Leia Disney princess: