Episode 5: Finger-Licking Good

Episode 5: Finger-Licking Good

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On this episode of News of the Galaxy, your co-hosts, Connor and Nick talk to friend of the show, Jody Plank who is part of the Ewok Building Club. In this episode we talk about Rouge One trailers, Nike talks and talks and talks about The Old Republic, Palpatine insults Nick, a lone Furbacca plots against Connor, and Jody teaches Nick a lesson. All that and more in this Star Wars full episode of News of the Galaxy.

This episode was recorded on 10/27/16.

Show Notes:
  • Our Guest: Jody Plank
  • Starting Question:
    • What would a Stormtrooper go as for Halloween?
  • News:
  • Toy Report:
  • The Asteroid Field:
    • How will Rouge One be different from the main line story movies. Is this a opportunity for Disney to tell Star Wars stories in other film genres? (Text crawl or no, sayings like I have a bad felling about this or other Star Wars tropes).
  • Palpatine's Tip of the Week:
    • Palpatine tells Nick to step in front of a bull dowser. Nick said that that was called assault. Then Palpatine told Nick that by the time he was done it would be called asphalt.