About Us

News of the Galaxy podcast is a Star Wars podcast unlike any other. The average Star Wars podcast will read you the news like a bunch of lame nerds. We here at News of the Galaxy will tell you all about the latest Star Wars news and toys and we’ll tell you why you should care about them. Every episode we talk about the latest Star Wars collectibles we’ve been picking up, the latest Star Wars news to be hitting the internet, then we check out all the awesome Star Wars collectibles and toys hitting the stores. To add to that, we then bring up a Star Wars discussion question and talk about it. To top it all off good old Palpatine shows up and drops some knowledge about collecting and if you think We do all of this all more every episode with lots of comedy mixed in. At heart News of the Galaxy is just three comedic dudes talking about their love of all things Star Wars. So I don’t know, maybe listen to us, we’re pretty good.

The Co-Hosts

  • Connor:

    Connor is a huge Star Wars fan living some where in Seattle. His favorite Star Wars movie is Return of the Jedi. Connor offen is at Star Wars celebration and you can recognize him because his hair that looks like he just came from licking electrical sockets. His favorite non-Star Wars movie is Pacific Rim because…? Connor is usually very funny, light-hearted, and kind but if you bring up the Mortis ark from Star Wars: The Clone Wars then he will likely walk away and not be seen for about an hour well he like, throws your house cat a house plant or something.

  • Jody:

    Jody is the one who likes to talk a lot and is very educated about all things Star Wars. Empire rules and the prequels drool but secretly he like them all.  Of the three of us he has the largest Star Wars collection, has worked for Lucasfilm and Reedpop at Celebrations and is a member of the Sarlacc Collecting group. His latest passion is the Ewok Builders Club. He is probably the most all around qualified man for the job of main co-host but nether Connor nor Nick what to admit that. The Location of his house is a little know secret but he is in the same time zone as Connor so we know something. We know that he has a pretty good mic and setup for podcasting and he is sure they are both making a mistake letting him co-host this podcast.  See if you can guess his favorite movie and Character and he may send you a prize or at least a shout out. If you see a life size Ewok running around he is probably nearby!

  • Nick:

    Not much is known of the man with the most audio problems that co-host the podcast with Connor and Jody. We know that he lives near the white house but he is not the president. We know that he made some of this website. We know that he is stuck somewhere in the middle of The Clone Wars. We also know that he is close to being done with collage. All lastly we know that he loves the Old republic and will not stop talking about it. If you know more about this mysterious man-baby named Nick then email in and we can try to find out who Nick really is. Heck, for all we know Nick could be Jake Lloyd, we’ve never seen them in the same room at the same time is all I’m saying.


  • Bryan:

    Bryan is one of the most frequent guests of News of the Galaxy. He loves all things 70s and 80s and that incudes Star Wars. He prefers the original triagy over the prequels. He is a friend of Nicks. He is kind of old but not really old. He laughs a lot. He is a all around fun dude.