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News of the Galaxy podcast is a Star Wars podcast unlike any other. The average Star Wars podcast will read you the news like a bunch of lame nerds. We here at News of the Galaxy will tell you all about the latest Star Wars news and toys and we’ll tell you why you should care about them. Every episode we talk about the latest Star Wars collectibles we’ve been picking up, the latest Star Wars news to be hitting the internet, then we check out all the awesome Star Wars collectibles and toys hitting the stores. To add to that, we then bring up a Star Wars discussion question and talk about it. To top it all off Elna tells us all about the newest books and comics hitting the shelves and then we read some sweet sweet listener mail. We do all this and so much more every episode with lots of comedy mixed in. At heart, News of the Galaxy is just four comedic fans talking about their love of all things Star Wars. So I don’t know, maybe listen to us, we’re pretty good.